Departmental Bulletin Paper 道聞き場面における日本語母語話者と日本語学習者の聞き手としての応答 : 「あいづち的発話」に着目して
Japanese Native Speakers’ and Japanese Language Learners’ Responses as Listener in Direction-Giving : A Focus on Backchannels

スケンデル, リザトビッチ・マーヤ

17pp.67 - 75 , 2015-03-31 , お茶の水女子大学大学院人間文化創成科学研究科
This paper focuses on the responses of the listener, i.e. direction-seeker, in direction giving situation.\It is an attempt to shed light on the language use in direction giving, seen in both native and contact\situations. The results showed that a native direction-seeker uses a small and uniformed variety of\backchannels, using mainly the “ ha-type ” which is recognized as respectful. Furthermore, with the\strategic use of “ a-type ” and “ repetitions ” backchannels the native speaker expresses understanding\and thus manages to control the development of the ongoing discourse. On the other hand, the\backchannels of a learner direction-seeker vary considerably. Moreover, unlike in the native situations,\the number of “a-type” and “repetitions” backchannels is rather low which gives the impression of the\listener not understanding, not controlling or not being involved in the discourse development.

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