Departmental Bulletin Paper 20世紀初頭における日本人女子教員の中国派遣
Japanese Dispatch of Female Teachers to China in the Early Years of the Twentieth Century

加藤, 恭子

Early in the twentieth century, Japan supported Chinese reform of the education-\system. At the request of Chinese government, Japan accepted Chinese\students for teacher training and dispatched Japanese teachers to China, helping\to start new schools there. In addition to the offi cial dispatch of teachers by\the Japanese government, Japanese women went abroad independently to help\the girls’ schools, launched by progressive Chinese. China’s new education system\in1902 was planned only for boys’ schools, and conservative people opposed\girls’ schools.\However Japanese women wanted Chinese women to be able to study at\school and voluntarily put their experience into the private girls’ schools.\Moreover, women’s associations in Japan started training schools for teaching\in China, and almost 100 Japanese women were dispatched and helped the\start of girls’ schools in the new educational system which the Chinese government\proclaimed in 1907.\In preparing for the change, Japan was able to dispatch teachers in response\to Chinese need. Japanese women in these associations were able to\connect with the women’s movements in Europe and the United States.\These women did not take order from the Japanese government, but rather\were part in the women-movement. That support by the women’s association\wasn’t only for Chinese women, but also for Japanese young women to\work abroad.

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