Departmental Bulletin Paper ベトナムにおけるジェンダー政策 : その実績と課題
Gender Policies in Contemporary Vietnam: Achievements and Challenges

HIEN, Luong Thu  ,  雑賀, 葉子

Decades of social and economic research have indicated that gender equity\is a vital ingredient for development in all sectors. This paper argues that although\Vietnam has advanced gender equity policies and legal instruments\manifested in the country’s core legal documents, gender gaps remain not only\in the economy and education, but also critically in the public and political\space, by showing updated statistics in these areas.\The paper identifi es negative infl uencing factors hidden in the legal documents’\lack of establishing accountability measures, their immeasurable targets,\and discrepancies among diff erent documents related to targets.\Although punitive measures for civil servants who violate the legal provisions\of gender equality are stated in recent legal decrees as one step toward\accountability, the implementation of the punitive measures and the mentioned\gender equality legal documents still remain challenges. This paper also claims\that the gender gaps in Vietnam are due to ingrained patriarchal values and\cultural practices that favor male over female in the key mentioned areas.

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