Departmental Bulletin Paper Uneasy Alliance : State Feminism and the Conservative Government in Taiwan

HUANG, Chang-Ling

State feminism usually begins to develop or has rapid development under\the rule of leftist or progressive governments. Like many other countries, Taiwan’s\state feminism is a product of the progressive, or at least relatively progressive\government.\After the Democratic Progressive Party captured power in 2000, many\feminists were brought into the government mainly as commissioners of various\government commissions and they actively promoted the agenda of gender\equality. In 2008, however, the conservative Nationalist Party returned to power\and the challenges to state feminism immediately emerged. Some of the\newly appointed civic commissioners to the cabinet or ministry-level gender\commissions had little background in or knowledge of the feminist movement.\This creates a challenge to the commission-driven gender policy machineries in\Taiwan.\By examining the reconfi guration of the gender policy machineries and the\interactions between the feminist movement and the conservative government,\I argue that, under the conservative government, the alliance between the government\and feminists, though not completely broken, has become much weakened.

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