Conference Paper Horizontal Localization of Sound Image and Source in Monaural Congenital Deafness

Takahashi, Kyoko  ,  Morikawa, Daisuke

It is well known that interaural time difference, interaural level difference and spectral cue are used to determine 3D sound localization in binaural hearing. In the case of monaural hearing, interaural time difference and interaural level difference are not used. Therefore, it is assumed that there is different perception of sound localization between binaural and monaural hearing. In this study, we investigate the difference in the horizontal localization of sound image and source in monaural hearing. An experiment involving horizontal sound localization was performed with one female participant suffering from congenital complete hearing loss in the left ear. The experimental system consisted of 12 loudspeakers placed horizontally on the circumference of a circle having a radius of 1 m at 30-degree intervals. Four experimental sessions were performed (including 60 white noise stimuli per session). Excluding the instances with no localization (12%), all sound images were localized on the right side (0∼180 degrees). It appeared that sound images were localized on the side with the well-hearing ear, but not on the side with deaf ear. Sound source localization was possible generally over 360 degrees (in ± 30-degree allowance, 90.8%). As a result, we confirmed that the localization of sound image and source was discrete in congenital monaural hearing.

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