Journal Article Identifying an Agent's Preferences Toward Similarity Measures in Description Logics

Racharak, Teeradaj  ,  Suntisrivaraporn, Boontawee  ,  Tojo, Satoshi

9544pp.201 - 208 , 2016-03-20 , Springer
In Description Logics (DLs), concept similarity measures (CSMs) aim at identifying a degree of commonality between two given concepts and are often regarded as a generalization of the classical reasoning problem of equivalence. That is, any two concepts are equivalent if their similarity degree is one, and vice versa. When two concepts are not quite equivalent but similar, nevertheless, a problem may arise as to which aspects of commonality should play more important role than others. This work presents the so-called preference profile, which is design guidelines for an agent’s preferences and points out to our preliminary developing stage of sim^π [1], in which an agent’s preferences can influence the calculation of CSM in DL ELH.

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