Conference Paper Security and Experimental Performance Analysis of a Matrix ORAM

Gordon, Steven  ,  Miyaji, Atsuko  ,  Su, Chunhua  ,  Sumongkaoythin, Karin

Oblivious RAM can hide a client’s access patternfrom an untrusted storage server. However current ORAMschemes incur a large communication overhead and/or clientstorage overhead, especially as the server storage size grows. Wehave proposed a matrix-based ORAM, M-ORAM, that makesthe communication overhead independent of the server size. Thisrequires selecting a height of the matrix; we present how to selectthe height to match the functionality of the well-known PathORAM. We then given both theoretical models and experimentalresults that show M-ORAM can achieve a lower communicationoverhead than Path ORAM, without a significant increase inmaximum client storage overhead.

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