Research Paper 擬似的な癖による長期的結果の提示による姿勢矯正促進システムの実現

金井, 秀明

本研究は,無意識に発現する行動である「癖」を対象に,癖の矯正促進のための情報提示手法として,「癖の長期的な影響を連想させる情報提示手法」を開発した.対象とした癖は,VDT(Visual Display Terminals)作業時における姿勢悪化とし,行動分析学における行動随伴性を用いて,姿勢矯正促進を目指した.「癖の長期的な影響を連想させる情報提示手法」としては,姿勢悪化による視覚疲労を疑似的に体験させることで実現した.その結果,悪姿勢の矯正行動支援に効果があることがわかった. : In this research, I propose a system for breaking poor posture as a user's habit in performing a task. Poor posture in tasks with a video display terminal (VDT) is one of bad habits. Due to poor posture, users who perform tasks might suffer from weakening eyesight and pains on neck and shoulders. To break bad habits, users have to be aware that the habits occurred. While users perform a task, the load of awareness tends to disturb their concentration on it. As a result, users might not accomplish it. Therefore I consider that a method for breaking bad habits should maintain users’ concentration on a task. I propose a system that makes pseudo-negative effects associated with poor posture on users. The system produces a blur effect on a PC's display while users have poor posture. I conduct experiments on our system about disturbances of VDT tasks and effects on correcting poor posture. The results show that the system does not disturb the tasks and motivates users to correct break it.

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