Research Paper Automatic Verification of Distributed Mobile Robot Algorithms

Bonnet, Francois

二年目も、ツールの開発を行い、このツールによってロボットのgathering問題のアルゴリズムの正しさの確認ができました。Workshop on Distributed Robotics Swarms (WDRS'15)で発表し、さらにAdHoc-Now'16の国際会議に採択され、発表する予定です。 : In this second year of funding, we continued the development of the tool and obtained some new results. (1) We had a paper accepted in AdHoc-Now'16 (to be published in July), which is an extension of our previous work: With the help of our verification tool, we could design and check new algorithms to solve the gathering problem in rings with four robots. More precisely, we studied the class of configurations SP4 which is the single class left open in this context. Same results were also presented in the Workshop on Distributed Robotic Swarms (WDRS'15). (2) While being on a totally different topic, namely Game Theory, we would like to mention another accepted paper (in CG'16, to be published in July). Indeed to obtain this result, we used techniques similar to the ones we introduced in our verification tool. Hence our Kakenhi funding indirectly contributed to that paper. We developed a tool that compute Nash Equilibrium (NE) and used it to find NE of the famous Mastermind game.
研究分野:Distributed Computing

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