Thesis or Dissertation Impact Analysis of Microfinance on Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study of MFIs in Gujranwala & Lahore Districts of Pakistan

JAMAL, Nagina

The main goal of this study is to examine the impact of microfinance on womenempowerment and poverty alleviation. Microfinance is providing the loans and otherfinancial services which help to achieve economic growth of small businesses. Theobjectives of this study were to determine the impact of MFIs on poverty alleviationand women empowerment in specific study area. A random sample of 152 womanclients of three major microfinance institutions is collected to measure the impact ofmicrofinance. Kashf foundation (KF), Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) andKhushhali Bank Limited (KBL) were selected from two districts Lahore andGujranwala region of Punjab, Pakistan.We collected the basic information regarding demographic and other necessaryinformation, which is required for this study through questionnaire from the clients ofKF, BISP and KBL. We need to know the complex phenomenon of povertyalleviation and women empowerment; an interview is also conducted from managersof selected microfinance institutions. Different statistical instruments i.e. descriptiveanalysis, correlation analysis, t-test statistics are used to show the relationshipbetween the various key factors of women empowerment. The statistical analysisidentifies that the response of clients about joining the MFIs are very helpful andencouraging for the people especially for women in developing countries.Our findings suggest that MFIs have significant impact on educational empowerment,socio-economic empowerment, household empowerment, personal empowerment anddecision-making empowerment. By correlation analysis, it is observed that there is apositive relationship between socio-economic empowerment and educationalempowerment. It shows that strong economic and social position of the peopleguarantees to have resources to arrange better educational facilities for women andtheir children too. Moreover, there is a strong relationship between personalempowerment and decision-making empowerment. We can say that personalempowerment strengthens the decision-making capabilities of women. It is alsosuggested that the procedure of financial services and loan should be simpler andextent of microfinance should be large to other areas of the country.Keywords: Poverty Alleviation, Women Empowerment, and MicrofinanceInstitutions
Supervisor: Dr. Nam Van Huynh

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