Conference Paper 足裏面の摺動を考慮した半円足をもつコンパス型2脚受動歩行ロボットのモデリングと解析

浅野, 文彦  ,  坂, 利昭  ,  原田, 祐志

The authors investigated the effect of semicircular feet on the 3-DOF passive compass gait sliding on slippery downhill, and released an inaccurate report on the mathematical model and analysis results. This paper then reconsiders the same issue and analyzes the gait properties using the corrected robot mathematical model. First, we explain the background to the inaccurate report, and redevelop the accurate robot equation. Second, we mathematically discuss the energy-dissipating mechanism in the presence of frictional force effect to systematically determine the friction coefficient. Furthermore, we numerically analyze the fundamental gait properties using the accurate model redeveloped.

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