Conference Paper Exploiting CEO Problems in Massive Multiway Multirelay Networks

Hasan, Mohammad Nur  ,  Anwar, Khoirul

We consider multiway multirelay (MWMR) systems composed of massive number of users exchanging information among themselves via two relays. To avoid high complexity scheduling involving massive number of users, we consider a novel uncoordinated transmission schemes for MWMR systems. The relays keep forwarding (broadcasting) the received packet to all users even though it is erroneous. When both links between users and two relays are erroneous, this situation is regarded as massive and dynamic CEO problems in the uncoordinated networks. Joint decoding that exploits correlation of information received from two relays is proposed for final decoding process to reduce the power consumption of all users. The results show that the proposed techniques outperform the traditional systems in terms of bit-error-rate (BER) and throughput performances.

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