Conference Paper Doubly Irregular Coded Slotted ALOHA for Massive Uncoordinated Multiway Relay Networks

Purwita, Ardimas Andi  ,  Anwar, Khoirul

pp.119 - 124 , 2015-11 , The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
Massive uncoordinated multiway relay networks (mu- mRN) is an mRN that can serve a massive number of users expecting to fully exchange information among them via a common relay. In this paper, we aim to improve normalized throughput of the mu-mRN using multiuser detection (MUD) technique with capability of K > 1. First, we present a network capacity bound of the mu-mRN with general K to investigate the theoretical limit of the network. Then, we search for many optimal degree distributions for the MUD-based mu-mRN. Second, we aim to improve the normalized throughput by 10× from the maximum normalized throughput of conventional systems. To achieve the goal, we propose the mu-mRN applying doubly irregular coded slotted ALOHA.

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