Conference Paper Decoding Techniques for Graph-based Random Access High Dense Multiway Multirelay Networks

Anwar, Khoirul

Densely deployed wireless network is one of the most important solutions for spectrum crunch expected by 2020 with a huge economic impact. This paper proposes decoding schemes for high dense multiway multirelaying (hd-MWMR) systems comprising two multiway relays to serve huge number of users. Due to the nature of huge number, instead of using perfect scheduling, we consider coded random access schemes, where all users transmit their messages without coordination. Although the transmission is uncoordinated, the network structure still has a structure that provide an advantage. The theoretical bound for hd-MWMR systems exploiting two multiway relays is derived. To achieve the bound, we propose simple coding and decoding schemes based on iterative interference cancellation over a sparse graph involving two multiway relays. The results confirm that the second relay helps on the improvement of throughput performances, which is highly required for future wireless networks.

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