Conference Paper Joint LZW and Lightweight Dictionary-based compression techniques for congested network

KHO, Lee Chin  ,  TAN, Yasuo  ,  LIM, Yuto

One of the viable solutions for reducing congestion in networks is data compression. Data compression reduces data size and transmission time. This paper proposes a joint data compression technique to eliminate the redundancy of data in a congested network with limited bandwidth and buffer. The proposed compression techniques combine the Lempel Ziv Welch (LZW) and Lossless Dictionary-based bit-packing (LDBP) compression methods. The LDBP is a novel compression technique that requires lesser additional memory compared to LZW. The joint LZW and LDBP compression techniques will be operating in the routing domain and it consists of two main stages. The first stage is the congestion status prediction. If it is predicted that the particular network will be congested, and to be compressed data packets satisfy the compression conditions, the data packets will be forwarded to the second stage. Based on the available buffer and processing time, the compression technique LZW or LDBP will then be implemented in the second stage. The results show that the redundancy of packets can be eliminated. This further reduces the size of data packets.

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