Conference Paper End-to-end throughput evaluation of consensus TPC algorithm in multihop wireless networks

YU, Yu  ,  SHAH, Shashi  ,  TAN, Yasuo  ,  LIM, Yuto

pp.941 - 946 , 2015-08 , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
The key factor of influencing the network capacity performance is the effect of interference power of receiving nodes, which is obtained from the other transmitting nodes in multihop wireless networks (MWNs) that are simultaneously using the same channel. Minimizing total interference power can improve overall network capacity and reduce total energy consumption. In this paper, we propose a consensus transmit power control (CTPC) algorithm to maximize end-to-end throughput in MWNs. The CTPC algorithm tunes the nodes’ transmit powers to maximize the average end-to-end throughput with a consensus coefficient. Simulation results reveal that the CTPC algorithm enables all the traffic flows to accomplish the maximum average end-to-end throughput. At the same time, the total interference power and the total power consumption are decreasing. Only in the dense MWNs, under usual threshold of received signal strength indicator (RSSI) setting, the CTPC algorithm cannot achieve good performance. In addition, an advanced wmediumd emulator over the StarBED testbed is used to further verify the performance evaluation of CTPC algorithm.

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