Journal Article Tunable Threshold Voltage of Organic CMOS Inverter Circuits by Electron Trapping in Bilayer Gate Dielectrics

Dao, Toan Thanh  ,  Murata, Hideyuki

E98-C ( 5 )  , pp.422 - 428 , 2015-05-01 , 電子情報通信学会
We have demonstrated tunable n-channel fullerene and p-channel pentacene OFETs and CMOS inverter circuit based on a bilayer-dielectric structure of CYTOP (poly(perfluoroalkenyl vinyl ether)) electret and SiO_2. For both OFET types, the V_<th> can be electrically tuned thanks to the charge-trapping at the interface of CYTOP and SiO_2. The stability of the shifted V_<th> was investigated through monitoring a change in transistor current. The measured transistor current versus time after programming fitted very well with a stretched-exponential distribution with a long time constant up to 10^6 s. For organic CMOS inverter, after applying the program gate voltages for n-channel fullerene or p-channel pentacene elements, the voltage transfer characteristics were shifted toward more positive values, resulting in a modulation of the noise margin. We realized that at a program gate voltage of 60 V for p-channel OFET, the circuit switched at 4, 8 V, that is close to half supply voltage V_<DD>, leading to the maximum electrical noise immunity of the inverter circuit.

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