Journal Article Improvement in passivation quality and open-circuit voltage in silicon heterojunction solar cells by the catalytic doping of phosphorus atoms

Tsuzaki, Shogo  ,  Ohdaira, Keisuke  ,  Oikawa, Takafumi  ,  Koyama, Koichi  ,  Matsumura, Hideki

54 ( 7 )  , pp.072301-1 - 072301-5 , 2015-06-10 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
We apply phosphorus (P) doping to amorphous silicon (a-Si)/crystalline silicon (c-Si) heterojunction solar cells realized by exposing c-Si to P-related radicals generated by the catalytic cracking of PH_3 molecules (Cat-doping). An ultrathin n^+-layer formed by P Cat-doping acts to improve the effective minority carrier lifetime (τ_<eff>) and implied open-circuit voltage (implied V_<oc>) owing to its field effect by which minority holes are sent back from an a-Si/c-Si interface. An a-Si/c-Si heterojunction solar cell with a P Cat-doped layer shows better solar cell performance, particularly in V_<oc>, than the cell without P Cat-doping. This result demonstrates the feasibility of applying Cat-doping to a-Si/c-Si heterojunction solar cells, owing to the advantage of the low-temperature (<200 °C) process of Cat-doping.

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