Research Paper ポリマー鎖に沿って物質が輸送される現象の1分子動態イメージング

篠原, 健一

ポリマー鎖に沿って物質が輸送される現象を1分子可視化計測するための高速原子間力顕微鏡を製作し、ミクロブラウン運動等を測定する方法を開発した(ポリマー高速AFM:PCT出願)。この顕微鏡を用いて、ポリ(置換フェニルアセチレン)のらせん鎖(長鎖)一本に沿って物質(短鎖)が輸送される現象の1分子イメージングと拡散係数の計測等をおこなった。また温度制御イメージング実験、物質輸送の分子動力学シミュレーション、高分子鎖近傍に発生する溶媒流の可視化解析による物質輸送の理解、物質輸送の制御などに関して成果が得られた。有機溶媒中の分子歩行(分子モーター原理)が実証された。非水溶液系の人工生命機能を創造したい。 : The fast-scanning atomic force microscope (FS-AFM) for single-molecule imaging to measure the phenomenon that matter was transported along a polymer chain was produced. The method to measure the micro-Brownian motion was developed. The phenomenon that matter (short chain) was transported along one helical chain (long chain) of poly(substituted phenylacetylene) by single-molecule imaging using FS-AFM was observed, and diffusion coefficient were measured. In addition, the following results were also provided. (1)A temperature control imaging experiment, (2)The molecular dynamics simulation of the matter transportation phenomenon, (3)The understanding of the matter transportation phenomenon by the visualization analysis (PIV) of a solvent flow generated at a long-polymer-chain neighborhood, (4)Control of the matter transportation. A molecular walk (a molecular motor principle) in an organic solvent was demonstrated. I want to create the non-aqueous solution-based artificial life function.

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