Research Paper センサネットワークの安全・安心を保証する情報セキュリティ技術の研究

宮地, 充子

近年,機器の小型化や省電力化に伴い,各機器をセンサネットワークで認証・接続し,情報の共有や処理を行うアプリケーションが期待されている.その際,共有情報のグループ外での秘匿化,完全性保証が信頼性確保のためには必須である.本研究では,①非均質型端末間のグループ鍵共有プロトコル②鍵共有におけるハッシュ関数の応用③形式言語による安全性証明④安全なグループ鍵共有方式のシミュレーション を行い,特に端末の能力に応じたフレキシブルなネットワークで,受動攻撃モデルで安全なグループ鍵共有方式を構築した.さらにT(<n)端末の故障に対しても安全な鍵共有方式も提案した. : Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of battery-operated, limited memory and computational power sensor nodes. It is important to achieve secure communication among WSN. In this research, we have studied a group key exchange (GKE), application of hash functions to GKE, formal security proof, and simulation of GKE. The following are our results. 1. We have proposed T-robust scalable GKE with communicational and computational complexity O(log n) for n parties. Our GKE not only has a resistance to party failures resulting from party crashes, run-down batteries, and network failures, but also satisfies scalability to parties’ environment such as computational resources, batteries, etc. 2. We have redesigned GKE using bilinear pairings to reduce the computational and communicational complexity among a small group of parties. We have also redesigned GKE among a large number of parties, where each party is in a different environment.

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