Departmental Bulletin Paper Distribution and marketing of bananas in southwestern Uganda : the impact of commoditization of bananas on local farmers

Kitanishi, Koichi  ,  Sato, Yasuaki  ,  Odani, Shingo  ,  Shikata-Yasuoka, Kagari  ,  Komatsu, Kaori

67pp.197 - 204 , 2018-01-31 , 山口大学教育学部
Humid zones in southern Uganda are famous for cultivating a unique banana cultivar subgroup, the East African highland banana. Within a conventional cropping system, it has extremely high productivity and supports local people in an area with high population density. Areas that produced bananas and supplied them to cities in Uganda have drastically changed in the last half century. This paper describes the distribution and marketing of bananas in southwestern Uganda, currently the main banana-producing area in Uganda, based on the case of a village of Nkore people. Whether local farmers make adequate profits from banana sales is considered, along with analysis of the banana supply chain and comparison with previous studies. The effect of commoditization of bananas on changing types and diversity of cultivars is also discussed.

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