Journal Article 深頸部膿瘍により残存した嚥下障害が適切なリハビリによって改善した一例
Improvement of remained swallowing disorder due to a deep neck abscess by adequate rehabilitation:case report
シンケイブ ノウヨウ ニヨリ ザンゾン シタ エンゲ ショウガイ ガ テキセツナ リハビリ ニヨッテ カイゼン シタ イチレイ

田中, 信宏   ,  高橋, 真紀

66 ( 2 )  , pp.135 - 138 , 2017-05-01 , 山口大学医学会
【Background】 We present a case in which remained swallowing dysfunction improved by adequate rehabilitation after treatment of a deep neck abscess.【Case presentation】 A 68-year-old male presented to the emergency department of our hospital with appetite loss and chest pain and was diagnosed as having a deep neck abscess. While antibiotic treatment was effective, swallowing disorder became apparent after treatment. Thus, he was referred to our department for rehabilitation.【Clinical course】 Videofluoroscopic(VF)examination of swallowing function revealed decreased hyoid movement and pharyngeal residue in the right piriform recess. Indirect therapy to treat the upward movement disorder of the hyoid and training to clear the pharyngeal residue were started. One month later, repeated VF showed improved hyoid movement and decreased residue in the piriform recess.【Discussion】 The main cause of swallowing disorder of this patient was considered to be the limited upward movement of the pharynx due to severe cicatrix formation after massive inflammation. When swallowing dysfunction appears after development of a deep neck abscess, adequate therapy and/or training based on detailed evaluation is necessary.

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