Journal Article 基礎看護技術教育での学生の学びの深まりを促す教育的介入策を探る : 振り返り用紙の分析
Exploring educational interventions to facilitate student learning in basic nursing practice : Analysis of self review reports
キソ カンゴ ギジュツ キョウイク デノ ガクセイ ノ マナビ ノ フカマリ オ ウナガス キョウイクテキ カイニュウサク オ サグル : フリカエリ ヨウシ ノ ブンセキ

網木, 政江  ,  久野, 暢子  ,  藤澤, 怜子

66 ( 2 )  , pp.113 - 122 , 2017-05-01 , 山口大学医学会
Nursing students are required to realize the importance of active learning and to identify their own agenda and goals in learning basic clinical skills. This study used post-class self-review reports to clarify how critically students review their practice in order to improve their performance.Review reports from 78 second-year nursing students who had undergone 13 basic clinical skills classes were analyzed in the light of review characteristics and depth of review. Of 2,386 descriptions about self-review, 1,748 were used to categorize into“techniques”(1,564;89.5%),“knowledge”(137;7.8%),and“attitudes”(47;2.7%).A total of 34 students(43.6%)set their own agenda whilst 44(56.4%)did not. Depth of review was categorized into “remaining superficial”(49;62.8%),“gradually deepening”(18;23.1%),and“becoming profound”(11;14.1%).Of 49 students with superficial reviews, 32(65.3%)had no agenda or goals for themselves, which indicated that they tended to be unable to clarify what was important for their improvement and to learn actively or think critically. Of those who had conducted more profound reviews only 50-60% of them set their own agenda and goal suggesting that even these students were not always good at effectively setting goals. The findings suggest that student reflection on their performance of basic nursing skills is an area that requires improvement.

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