Journal Article ピタバスタチンによる脂質低下療法を受けた患者のマルチスライスCTでの冠動脈プラーク評価(IMPACT研究)
Investigation of multidetector computed tomography plaque assessment in patients receiving cholesterol lowering therapy with pitavastatin : the IMPACT study
ピタバスタチン ニヨル シシツ テイカ リョウホウ オ ウケタ カンジャ ノ マルチスライス CT デノ カンドウミャク プラーク ヒョウカ IMPACT ケンキュウ

名尾, 朋子  ,  三浦, 俊郎  ,  吉村, 将之  ,  藤村, 達大  ,  中島, 好晃  ,  岡田, 宗正  ,  松永, 尚文  ,  矢野, 雅文

66 ( 2 )  , pp.89 - 96 , 2017-05-01 , 山口大学医学会
Background The lipid-lowering therapy by statins may stabilize and reduce coronary plaques. We compare the effect of strong or moderate statins on the coronary plaque characteristics by using 64-slice multidetector computed tomography (MDCT). Methods and Results We analyzed 13 subjects with non-calcified coronary plaques(NCP)as determined by MDCT. Pitavastatin(PTV:2mg/day)or pravastatin(PRA:10mg/day)were randomly administered. MDCT were performed at 0, 6 and 12 months after lipid-lowering therapy. In PTV group(n=6),CT density of NCP increased by 35.6 ± 28.8 HU after 6 months(p=0.037)and by 30.6 ± 29.8 HU after 12 months(NS).NCP area was decreased by 35.9 ± 15.2 % after 6 months and by 41.0 ± 16.5 % after 12 months(both P=0.001).In PRA group(n=7),CT density of NCP did not significantly increased after 6 months(NS)and after 12 months(NS).NCP area was not significantly decreased at 6 months(NS),but decreased by 23.1 ± 16.7 % at 12 months(P=0.001). Conclusions Serial CT angiography revealed that the regression of NCP occurs rapidly by strong lipid lowering therapy compared to the moderate statin therapy.

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