Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別活動におけるいじめ未然防止プログラムの開発研究 : 学級活動で育む人間関係の構築
A study on the development of bullying prevention programs in extraclass activities : Construction of human relationships fostered through class activities
トクベツ カツドウ ニオケル イジメ ミゼン ボウシ プログラム ノ カイハツ ケンキュウ : ガッキュウ カツドウ デ ハグクム ニンゲン カンケイ ノ コウチク

松岡, 敬興  ,  蜂谷, 昌之

66pp.269 - 280 , 2017-01-31 , 山口大学教育学部
This research developed the “Let’s Draw a Friend’s Face” teaching tool in order to prevent bullying by encouraging young pupils to understand themselves and others, which it considers effective. By engaging in the activity, pupils with low self-esteem who grappled with self-affirmation issues were now able to take part in activities together with everyone in the same grade. Each pupil was able to present his or her work, thus gain confidence and, it is believed, enhance his or her sense of achievement. By coming to an understanding of themselves and each other, pupils got to know the other’s good points and work their own way towards finding a solution in the case of a problem arising. In preventing bullying, the activity was able to bring about mutual understanding in a systematic and ongoing way, the educational effect being a tendency to create and reshape relations with others.

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