Departmental Bulletin Paper 短時間睡眠が運動パフォーマンスおよび体温リズムに及ぼす影響
Effect of short sleep duration on physical performance measurements and diurnal variation of body temperature
タンジカン スイミン ガ ウンドウ パフォーマンス オヨビ タイオン リズム ニオヨボス エイキョウ

石田, 健斗  ,  塩田, 正俊

66pp.127 - 136 , 2017-01-31 , 山口大学教育学部
Purpose: Although sleep deprivation and partial sleep loss has negative effects on mental performance and life-style related diseases, and many anecdotes suggest that adequate sleep is essential for optimum athletic performance, its effects on physical performance equivocal. The present study was conducted to investigate whether the short sleep duration contribute to the physical performance on Sports test measurements and the diurnal variation of axillary temperatures. Methods: twenty one healthy, active male subjects (n =21) were tested once after a night of normal sleep duration (CS: sleep allowed from 00:00 to 07:00 h), and once after a night of 4 h of sleep (SS: sleep allowed from 03:00 to 07:00 h). The various physical performance parameters measured and axillary temperature measured every 3 hours from the early morning on the day before the test. Results: The performance of grip strength (muscular strength) and 20 m shuttle run test (endurance) significantly decreased and the counts of sit-ups (muscular endurance) was a tendency to decrease (p=0.0646) after the short sleep duration. And the axillary temperature at 07:00 h the nest morning in SS elevated compared with that in CS (SS;36.15±0.28℃ vs. CS;35.94±0.30℃ ). Conclusion: These findings suggest that short sleep loss may induce the decrease of muscular strength, muscular endurance and endurance exercise performance, and the rise of axillary temperature in the early morning.

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