Journal Article 腹腔鏡下整復術を施行した成人特発性腸重積症の1例
A case report of adult idiopathic intussusception reduced by laparoscopic surgery
フククウキョウカ セイフクジュツ オ シコウ シタ セイジン トクハツセイ チョウジュウセキショウ ノ 1レイ

国居, 由香  ,  久我, 貴之  ,  平田, 健  ,  井口, 智浩  ,  藤井, 康宏

65 ( 3 )  , pp.125 - 128 , 2016-08-01 , 山口大学医学会
We herein report the case of a 39-year-old man in whom a ileus was caused by a idiopathic intussusception. He was admitted to our hospital for abdominal pain. A computed tomography(CT)revealed that ileus was caused by intussusception. At first, conservation therapy using ileus tube was performed because of no ischemic change of small intestine. The symptoms improved after a week, however CT showed persistent intussusception. Thus, a laparoscopic surgery was performed. The laparoscopic reduction was successful, but the reduced intestine appeared to be injured, which was then resected. Histopathologic findings revealed no injured change in intestine and a idiopathic intussusception. We report this rare case with some literature reviews.

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