Departmental Bulletin Paper 2成分系混合物の液液平衡に関する熱力学
Thermodynamics of liquid-liquid equilibria for binary mixtures
2セイブンケイ コンゴウブツ ノ エキエキ ヘイコウ ニ カンスル ネツリキガク

小渕, 茂寿  ,  米澤, 節子  ,  荒井, 康彦

66 ( 1 )  , pp.9 - 13 , 2015-12 , 山口大学工学部
Thermodynamic fundamentals of liquid-liquid phase equilibria for binary mixtures have been described in detail. The relationship between free energy of mixing and composition is presented. Further, the relationship between activity and composition is also discussed. In this study, the heptane + methanol and the octane + methanol binary systems have been examined for example to understand the relationships between compositions at liquid-liquid equilibria and free energy of mixing or activity of the binary mixtures.

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