Journal Article 高年妊娠および出生前診断に対する女性のリスク認識と情報選択ニーズ
Women’s perceptions and information needs regarding advanced maternal age and prenatal testing
コウネン ニンシン オヨビ シュッセイゼン シンダン ニ タイスル ジョセイ ノ リスク ニンシキ ト ジョウホウ センタク ニーズ

村上, 京子

65 ( 1 )  , pp.5 - 13 , 2016-02-01 , 山口大学医学会
Recently, the number of pregnant women of advanced maternal age(AMA)has been increasing rapidly. Women of AMA might be facing whether to undergo screening or invasive test to detect whether the fetus has an abnormality. This article summarized maternal-specific risks regarding advanced maternal age and explored the points of primary care for pregnant women and their partners from the result of our two studies. Our finding suggested that many women aware of pregnancy risks such as Down syndrome related increasing maternal age by surrounding children with Down syndrome and/or handicapped. But, most not aware risks in detail and a few not aware of the risks completely. While women often had discussion about testing with husband, some made individual choices and/or withheld information from husband. Nurses and health professionals need to adequately inform pregnant women about the genetic risk as their age and tests. Also, it is important to support for decision making process of the family.

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