Journal Article 診断に苦慮したANCA関連血管炎性中耳炎の一例
A case of ANCA positive refractory otitis media started with otitis media with effusion
シンダン ニ クリョシタ ANCA カンレン ケッカン エンセイ チュウジエン ノ イチレイ

沖中, 洋介  ,  菅原, 一真  ,  津田, 潤子  ,  田中, 邦剛  ,  金川, 英寿  ,  下郡, 博明  ,  山下, 裕司

64 ( 3 )  , pp.213 - 216 , 2015-08-01 , 山口大学医学会
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody(ANCA)associated vasculitis is characterized by systemic necrotizing vasculitis. We reported a case of ANCA positive refractory otitis media started with otitis media with effusion. The patient complained of progressive hearing loss, which was not improved by treatments with antibiotics. Therefore, the patient entered our hospital. The patient was diagnosed as otitis media with ANCA associated vasculitis(OMAAV),because the serum MPO-ANCA was detected in the first examination in our hospital. After the administration of steroid, her symptoms were sufficiently improved. It is known that otitis media with ANCA associated vasculitis can be secondary associated with polyneuritis and brain hemorrhage. Therefore, the treatment for OMAAV should be performed in cooperation with the internal departments.

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