Departmental Bulletin Paper <共同研究>専門職の学習共同体(PLC)の構成要因に関する検討
<collaborative Research>An examination regarding the construct of PLC (Professional Learning Community)

福畠, 真治  ,  佐々木, 織恵  ,  大庭, 梓  ,  栗田, 晃宏

In this paper, we examine several definitions and elements of PLC (Professional Learning Community) which are considered to solve problems in Japanese schools. Then we refine this concept considering unique features of Japanese school education. In conclusion, Japanese PLC index was created which included the following five categories: (1) principals’ supportive and facilitative leadership, (2) faculty members’ collaboration, (3) status of support both inside and outside of school, (4) shared goals, (5) relationship of mutual trust in school. This paper reviews PLC research done overseas and shows an accumulation of both quantitative and qualitative data. While foreign researchers are making progress in the study of PLC, the development in Japan is still insufficient. Therefore the next step is to use the index created here with qualitative data in Japan in order to further PLC development.

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