Departmental Bulletin Paper <特集>大桃敏行による教育機会の平等保障論の再検討 : 異質性・多様性から学ぶ機会の保障の観点から
<Specials>The Review of Omomo Toshiyuki’s Discussion on the Equality of Educational Opportunity : From the Viewpoint of Learning Through Difference and Diversity among Students

後藤, 武俊

This paper reviews Omomo Toshiyuki’s discussion on the equality of educational opportunity mainly focusing on his articles issued after 2000. The feature of his discussion is the trichotomy in his cognitive framework on education reform, i.e., whether giving weight on parents’ freedom of education to choose the schools they want (choice system), parents’ and neighbors’ participation in schools and deliberative decision making (participatory system), or ensuring the equal educational opportunity for children by government through narrowing parents’ choice and participation. This framework has gradually changed in the way to put more weight on participatory system while recognizing the role of government basically as a meta−governance at the same time. After this review, I explore the issue of learning through difference and diversity among students, which is addressed as the main viewpoint by Omomo.

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