Departmental Bulletin Paper 語気助詞「啊(a)」による共有知識の提示 : 疑問文末用法を中心に

王, 瓊

4pp.10 - 19 , 2017-05-01 , 駒場言葉研究会
This paper discusses some issues related to the most widely used utterance particle " 啊(a)" in Modern Chinese, focusing on its sentence-final uses in interrogative sentences. Drawing on the following four behavioral traits of this particle: 1. It frequently appears in wh-questions; 2. It has a preference for rhetorical questions; 3. It often serves the same function as Japanese “noda”; 4. It is rarely used in quiz shows, I argue that the use of this particle in interrogative sentences indicates that some information shared by the interlocutors is in focus.

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