Journal Article Alteration in caesium behavior in rice caused by the potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen deficiency

Nobori, Tatsuya  ,  Kobayashi, Natsuko I.  ,  Tanoi, Keitaro  ,  Nakanishi, Tomoko M.

pp.1 - 3 , 2015-09-22 , Springer Netherlands
The physiological effects of critical nutrient deficiencies (K, P, N) on the uptake of caesium (Cs) and impact on plant growth has been investigated in rice plants. Growth defects were observed after 2 weeks of a state of nutrient starvation (K, P, or N). However, only K starvation produced increased Cs content in the shoot and the intensive transport to young leaves. These observations support that modification of Cs uptake and transport in rice plants was achieved based on the distinctive physiological effect of K.

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