Journal Article Dome-shaped magnetic order competing with high-temperature superconductivity at high pressures in FeSe

Sun, J.P.  ,  Matsuura, K.  ,  Ye, G.Z.  ,  Mizukami, Y.  ,  Shimozawa, M.  ,  Matsubayashi, K.  ,  Yamashita, M.  ,  Watashige, T.  ,  Kasahara, S.  ,  Matsuda, Y.  ,  Yan, J.-Q.  ,  Sales, B.C.  ,  Uwatoko, Y.  ,  Cheng, J.-G.  ,  Shibauchi, T.

7p.12146 , 2016-07-19 , Nature Publishing Group
The coexistence and competition between superconductivity and electronic orders, such as spin or charge density waves, have been a central issue in high transition-temperature (Tc) superconductors. Unlike other iron-based superconductors, FeSe exhibits nematic ordering without magnetism whose relationship with its superconductivity remains unclear. Moreover, a pressure-induced fourfold increase of Tc has been reported, which poses a profound mystery. Here we report high-pressure magnetotransport measurements in FeSe up to ~15 GPa, which uncover the dome shape of magnetic phase superseding the nematic order. Above ~6 GPa the sudden enhancement of superconductivity (Tc≤38.3 K) accompanies a suppression of magnetic order, demonstrating their competing nature with very similar energy scales. Above the magnetic dome, we find anomalous transport properties suggesting a possible pseudogap formation, whereas linear-in-temperature resistivity is observed in the normal states of the high-Tc phase above 6 GPa. The obtained phase diagram highlights unique features of FeSe among iron-based superconductors, but bears some resemblance to that of high-Tc cuprates.
UTokyo Research掲載「鉄系超伝導物質の転移温度が圧力下で4倍以上に上昇する謎を解明」 URI:
UTokyo Research "Mysterious increased transition temperature of iron selenide superconductor under high pressure" URI:

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