Departmental Bulletin Paper イギリスの教師教育における「実践性」と「高度化」 : 学校主導型教師教育の拡大を中心に
The ‘Practicality’ and ‘Advancement’ of Teacher Education in the United Kingdom : Focusing on the Expansion of School-led Teacher Training

盛藤, 陽子

55pp.481 - 490 , 2016-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
This paper describes the recent trends and several challenges of teacher education in the United Kingdom, and is concerned with both the ‘practicality’ and ‘advancement’ of teacher education, which are two of the current issues facing teacher education in Japan and several other countries. Over the past few years, the coalition government in the United Kingdom has promoted school autonomy. This has resulted in the schools, as well as the new form of schools such as Academies, becoming more independent from local authority control. The government has also strongly encouraged schools to take more control of teacher education. The place of professional development for teachers and trainee teachers has gradually moved from the more traditional routes provided by higher education institutions (HEIs) into the hands of the schools. In this paper, first the trends of teacher education in the United Kingdom are briefly explained. Second, the improvement of teachers’ skills and qualities with the schools associated with ‘advancement’ are shown. Third, the expansion of school-led teacher training, such as SCITT (School-centred Initial Teacher Training), School Direct, and Teaching Schools, related to ‘practicality’ are described. In conclusion, several agendas of teacher education in the United Kingdom are expressed.

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