Departmental Bulletin Paper 授業における教師の知識と思考に関する研究動向 : 1990年代から現在までに焦点を当てて
A Review of Studies about Teachers’ knowledge and thinking in class : Focusing on about two decades

児玉, 佳一

55pp.357 - 366 , 2016-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
This paper reviews studies about teachers’ knowledge and thinking in class, focusing on about two decades. It is consisted of following three parts: (1) studies about teachers ’ decision-making processes, (2) studies about quality of teachers ’ knowledge for teaching, and (3) studies about building of teachers’ knowledge for teaching. From this review, some important findings were indicated. First, in studies about decision-making processes, research paradigm shifted from developing model for decision-making to case study, and case studies using engineering-technology have been increasing. Second, in studies about quality of knowledge, studies expanding the concepts of Shulman's PCK and studies investigating the influence of PCK to students ’ learning were accumulated. In addition, studies about emotional knowledge also became popular. Third, in studies about building knowledge, it was revealed that there were studies investigating effective reflection and about learning environment by learning science approach.

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