Departmental Bulletin Paper 医療領域での多職種協働における臨床心理職の課題 : 臨床心理職に対するアンケート調査から
Examining Issues of Clinical Psychologists in Multidisciplinary Medical Teams : From a Survey on Clinical Psychologists

樫原, 潤  ,  川崎, 隆  ,  髙木, 郁彦  ,  羽澄, 恵  ,  能登, 眸  ,  下山, 晴彦

55pp.291 - 302 , 2016-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
This study aimed to clarify issues faced by clinical psychologists in multidisciplinary medical teams. It examined three points: 1) the difficulties faced by clinical psychologists in multidisciplinary medical teams; 2) the skills and knowledge required in such teams; and 3) the areas in which graduate school education could be improved. The data used in the study was open data from surveys of clinical psychologists (N = 731). First, we conducted qualitative analysis of answers given to an open-ended question asking why collaboration among clinical psychologists remains undeveloped. Second, we conducted quantitative analysis of subjects’ responses to questions about the knowledge and skills useful for collaboration, and how they acquired these skills. The results indicated that 1) the personal characteristics of clinical psychologists, such as how flexible and sociable they are, can cause difficulties in multidisciplinary collaboration, so these “ non-professional ” skills need to be specifically taught, 2) “ assessment ” and “psychotherapy” are useful skills, but are mainly acquired through practice, and 3) education on skills application needs to be provided in graduate school.

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