Departmental Bulletin Paper 1920年代の中学校における音楽部の活動 : ハーモニカの普及とその影響に着目して
Activities of music club in Japanese Junior High Schools between 1920-1930 : Focusing on influence of the popularization of harmonica

古仲, 素子

55pp.29 - 38 , 2016-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
The purpose of this paper is to clarify how activities of music club were carried out in Japanese junior high schools between 1920-1930, focusing on influence of the popularization of harmonica. In the 1920s, product development and advertisement by musical instrument maker, for making harmonica popularized and raising the position, enabled most people including students to get harmonica. The popularization of harmonica made musical activities in schools activated. Also, it drastically changed quality of students’ musical performance and relationships between teachers and students, between course of studies and extra-curricular activities.

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