Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート>企業経営・学校経営研究における理念とその浸透に関する諸研究のレビュー : Karl.E.Weick の組織化理論・センスメーキング理論との比較を軸に
<Reseach Notes>The Reviews of Various Theories Related to Philosophy and the Penetration in Business Management and School Management Studies : In the Comparison to the Organizing-Theory and Sensemaking-Theory Weick, Karl E. advocates

福畠, 真治

In this paper, I reviewed studies related to “various theories with respect to philosophy penetration” and “The organizing-theory and sensemaking-theory Weick, Karl E. advocates” as theories that explicate the process of decision-making and sensemaking in organizations. Both theories include same ideas in terms of“They must reduce ambiguity and generate the mutual sense”. However, in terms of the“precedence of behavior and retrospective property”that the organizing-theory and sensemaking-theory premise, various theories with respect to philosophy penetration seem to include the antithetical premise since these theories choose the idea that “A goal and an objective are precede a behavior and spread in an organization.” Nevertheless, in the actuality of organizational management, since many cases that goals precede behaviors exist and many organizations that have favorable performance in such situation exist, we should perceive the organizing-theory and sensemaking-theory as the theories that describe one side of organizational activities and aim for further elaborating of theories and analytical method to approximate the practical reality.

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