Departmental Bulletin Paper <個人論文>学校内の意思決定・紛争解決の場としての「全校会」の事例研究 : 子どもの参加と紛争解決システム設計の2つの視点から
<Individual Papers>“School Meeting”, an Autonomous Forum for Decision Making and Dispute Resolution : An Analysis from Two Perspectives: Children’s Participation and Dispute Systems Design

齋藤, 宙治

This paper analyzes the “school meeting” system, which is an innovative decision making system adopted in some free schools or democratic schools. All of the students and teachers participate in the “school meeting” on an equal footing with each other to decide and to resolve school management issues and internal disputes. Based on fieldworks at four schools in Japan, this paper grasps the actual picture of the “school meeting” system. Also, by examining the “school meeting” from the viewpoints of children’s participation and dispute systems design, this paper discusses ideal autonomous systems for decision making and dispute resolution in school. Key findings: (a) teachers can behave and speak freely (i.e., on a real equal footing with students) in a meeting only where a sufficient number of teachers are participating in the meeting; (b) children’s say needs to be facilitated especially where the topic of a meeting is related to only a few of the attendees directly.

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