Departmental Bulletin Paper <個人論文>調達手段としての検定教科書制 : 政策立案と実施の分離の観点に基づく検定教科書制の再定義
<Individual Papers>Redefinition of the Textbooks System of Japan as the Measures of the Government Procurement Based on the Framework of the Separation of Policy-Making and Policy-Implementation

大島, 隆太郎

This argues that the current authorization system of textbooks by the Ministry of Education in Japan can be defined as the procurement-like system by the government rather than the permission and approval, based on the framework of the separation of policy-making and policy-implementation. This point of view leads the following; this system does not exclude the intervention by the government in essence, but it improves the quality of textbooks with the less budget owing to the quasi-market mechanism. In addition, it is difficult to say that the framework of the public governance, especially of New Public Management (NPM), pays sufficient attention to the neutrality against the politics, which often becomes an important issue in educational policies. Historically, in the studies of the educational administration in Japan, this system has been evaluated negatively, because it allows the government to interfere in the teaching contents. Of course, this paper does not intend to deny the conventional view. However, it is also obvious that the preceding studies have lacked a theoretical understanding associated with the study of public administration although the system is one of the acts of a governmental office. This is aimed at analyzing the system as a public administrational study.

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