Journal Article Psychiatric intervention and repeated admission to emergency centres due to drug overdose

Kanehara, Akiko  ,  Yamana, Hayato  ,  Yasunaga, Hideo  ,  Matsui, Hiroki  ,  Ando, Shuntaro  ,  Okamura, Tsuyoshi  ,  Kumakura, Yousuke  ,  Fushimi, Kiyohide  ,  Kasai, Kiyoto

1 ( 2 )  , pp.158 - 163 , 2015-11-09 , The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Self-harm, with or without suicidal intent, substantially increases the risk of future suicide and is known to be the strongest predictor of completed suicide. Furthermore, repetition of self-harm is common: 16% of patients who self-harmed were found to repeat a similar episode within 1 year. Repetition of self-harm increases the risk of completed suicide. One study found overdose to be the most prevalent type of suicide attempt that required admission, and approximately 80% of self-harm episodes have been reported to involve overdose. It is therefore necessary to prevent the repetition of self-harm by drug overdose. According to clinical guidelines on the management of self-harm published in 2004, it is recommended that every patient presenting to hospital with self-harm should undergo a psychosocial assessment by specialists before being discharged. Despite this recommendation, some studies have found that many patients, especially those with repeated self-harm did not actually receive such assessments. That would suggest that the guideline has not been widely used – possibly because it was not based on firm evidence. There is a lack of data on the influence of psychosocial assessments on preventing repetition of self-harm. Some studies have suggested that such assessments do have an influence, but they were based on a small sample size or on a small number of highly advanced institutions. The present study focused on patients with drug overdose who were admitted to emergency centres. Using a national in-patient database in Japan, it aimed to investigate whether psychiatric intervention before discharge was associated with reduced patient readmissions with drug overdose.
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