Departmental Bulletin Paper Japanese/Urdu Language Contact in a Religious Community : Lexical Borrowing and Phonological Adaptation
宗教コミュニティにおける日本語・ウルドゥー語言語接触 : 語彙借用と音韻同化

Yamashita, Rika

36 ( . )  , pp.167 - 184 , 2015-09-30 , 東京大学大学院人文社会系研究科・文学部言語学研究室
To bridge the absence of studies in the language use of migrants in Japan, this paper gives a description of what lexical forms Pakistani migrants in Japan 'borrowed'from Japanese/Urdu to the other language. This paper discusses three issues; (I) the kind of Japanese words incorporated in Pakistani adults'Urdu speech, (2) how bilingual pupils phonologically adapt names into Japanese, and (3) how the pupils borrow Urdu lexical forms in their Japanese speech. Phonological adaptation to Japanese includes individual names and certain cultural vocabulary. For some words, Urdu phonological features were retained even in the Japanese speech, which cannot be explained simply from their frequency of use.
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