Departmental Bulletin Paper 『東国正韻』漢字音の重韻字表記の特徴
A Study on the Transcription of the Sino-Korean of Donggukjeongun : Mainly on "Double Rhymes"

林, 茶英

36 ( . )  , pp.73 - 92 , 2015-09-30 , 東京大学大学院人文社会系研究科・文学部言語学研究室
This study aims to clarify the correction rules of Donggukjeongun and prove the medial of Sino-Korean of Donggukjeongun, the revised version of Sino-Korean, basically followed those of the traditional Sino-Korean at the time. As for the first Grade of Tong-She, the first and second Grade of Xian-She, the second Grade of Shan-She, there was not much difference between the medial sounds of Donggukjejongun and the corresponding traditional Sino-Korean medial sounds for these rhymes. However, in the case of the first and second Grade of Xie-She and the second Grade of Geng-She, the medial sounds of Donggukjejongun for these rhymes apparently did not follow the traditional Sino-Korean system. In order to explain this difference, this study closely compared the two Sino-Korean systems and it was revealed that the Donggukjejongun medial sounds of Kaikou for these rhymes basically followed the patterns found in the traditional Sino-Korean system, but if any specific pattern was found, such characters were arranged according to the Grade. Also, it was revealed that the Donggukjejongun medial sounds of Hekou and characters with a labial initial, on the other hand, did not follow traditional Sino-Korean and were arranged according to the Grade. This means that a kind of special treatment for the characters with a [+rounded] feature was required in the correction process.
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