Conference Paper ドメイン知識の記述支援と活用のためのデジタル資産管理システム基盤「KASHIWADE」の開発 : 情報システム開発における設計書・設計知識への適用

中村, 覚  ,  大和, 裕幸  ,  稗方, 和夫  ,  岡田, 伊策  ,  齋藤, 稔  ,  笈田, 佳彰

In this study, the platform system for Digital Asset Management which manages digital assets such as documents or images and domain-specific knowledge integrally with Semantic Web was developed. This system provides the functions to support the description of domain knowledge with nodes and links, and to relate it to digital assets with metadata extracted automatically from them. This system was applied to the management of design documents and knowledge in Information System Development, and the effectiveness of developed system was verified.
2015年度人工知能学会全国大会(第29回), 2015年5月30日(土)-6月2(火), 公立はこだて未来大学

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