Departmental Bulletin Paper 乳幼児期から児童期にかけての制作研究の展望
A Review of Research on the Design-and-Make Activities of Preschool and Elementary School Children

佐川, 早季子

54pp.399 - 410 , 2015-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
The design-and-make activity has been practiced for a long time in early childhood and primary education settings, since it plays an important role in the holistic development of children. This paper reviews the research on the design-and-make activities of preschool and elementary school children from the following viewpoints: (1)the individual development and process, and (2)the socio-cultural approach focusing on peer interaction and the role of artifacts. The review reveals that the design-and-make process depends on child preference and the context in which it takes place and that it involves multi-modal thinking, such as talking, the handling of tools and materials, and bodily actions.

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