Departmental Bulletin Paper メタ文法能力育成をめざしたカリキュラム開発 : 実践と教材開発を通したメタ文法カリキュラムの展望
Developing a Curriculum for Training Meta-grammatical Abilities : Prospects of Meta-grammatical Curriculum in View of Practice and Teaching Material Development

秋田, 喜代美  ,  斎藤, 兆史  ,  藤江, 康彦  ,  藤森, 千尋  ,  柾木, 貴之  ,  王, 林峰  ,  三瓶, ゆき

54pp.355 - 388 , 2015-03-31 , 東京大学大学院教育学研究科
This paper is a brief review of our meta-grammar project with special emphasis on the meta-grammatical activities conducted in Japanese classrooms. The first section describes the research questions and research procedures of the project; the second section reviews the recent history of language education in China with reference to grammar teaching; the third section is an analysis of secondary-school Japanese students’ response to the meta-grammar classes as seen in the questionnaire survey; the fourth section considers how teachers found the project by analyzing their answers to the questionnaire and discussions at teachers’ meetings; the fifth section presents the teaching materials we actually used in the experimental classes and describes how they were used; and the sixth and final section, based on the discussion up to this point, suggests the way this project can make a great contribution to the curriculum development of language teaching at the level of secondary education in Japan.

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