Departmental Bulletin Paper 静岡県広野北遺跡における旧石器時代文化層の再検討
Re-Examination of Palaeolithic Cultural Layer in Hirono-Kita Site

富樫, 孝志

29pp.1 - 23 , 2015-03-29 , 東京大学大学院人文社会系研究科・文学部考古学研究室
Hirono-Kita site is a palaeolithic site located in Iwatabara plateau in Shizuoka prefecture. Cultural layers of "the knife-shaped stone tool culture period" in this site are divided into two layers called "cultural layer K2" and "cultural layer K3" according to the excavation report. As things stand, however, it is a common understanding that it is impossible to recognize cultural layers stratigraphically. Therefore I have investigated whether or not it would be possible to divide cultural layers into "cultural layer K2" and "cultural layer K3". The excavation report says that there are apparently two cultural layers, because there was a intermediate layer between "cultural layer K2" and "cultural layer K3", and heap stones were definitely divided into two levels. Through reconstructing the excavating situations, however, I clarified that most blocks and heap stones were found from various depths. These situations are usual in palaeolithic sites at Iwatabara plateau. In conclusion, dividing cultural layers into "cultural layer K2" and "cultural layer K3" should be taken back, and dividing cultural layers at Hirono-Kita site inevitably requires re-examination.

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