Journal Article 意識下ファイバー挿管への移行も考慮した,緩徐導入とエアウェイスコープ ® による顎骨骨折患者のための麻酔導入法
Anesthesia Induction Technique for Trismus Patients with Combination of Slow Induction and AWS Considering Transition to Fiberscope Tracheal Intubation under Consciousness

冨永, 晋二  ,  谷口, 省吾

54 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 4 , 2018-06-20 , 広島麻酔医学会
Tracheal intubation is difficult in patients with jaw fractures with a limited opening distance. The video laryngoscope is often used in cases where the opening is limited to some extent because the opening distance required for tracheal intubation is smaller than that of the conventional laryngoscope. The authors devised introduction of anesthesia by fentanyl, midazolam, nitrous oxide, oxygen, and sevoflurane. We presented three patients underwent slow induction by the inhalation anesthetic, and as the opening distance increased, tracheal intubation with AWS or direct laryngoscope became possible. We concluded that the technique presented is useful because it can shift to conscious fiberscope tracheal intubation even when it is impossible to tracheal intubation with AWS or laryngoscope

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